Is marriage outdated?

 Image courtesy of magazineart.com

Ladies and gentlemen (okay, mostly ladies), I have been too lazy to blog about much of anything this week. However, let me direct you toward a thought-provoking post I read this morning on Piper's blog: Newsweek vs. the Proclamation.


  1. Loved it, read it, commented it! Thank you for sharing the link - lovin' Piper :)


  2. Remember when I sort of blogged about this? You commented, and seemed to think that you didn't believe people actually felt that way. I don't think it's out dated perse, but I do believe per my own experiences that there is a large percentage of people striving to make it that way. I don't know where you live, but if it's an area of the country where there are predominantly LDS, then you probably don't see it.