Help: Camping food

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We're planning a fall camping trip and we're all quite excited for it. I'm coming up with a blank for a week of camping menus, though. What are your favorite camping meals? We'll have a propane stove and sometimes a campfire. No refrigerator, although we do have a very small cooler.


  1. Have you looked at all the recipes I have under Camping Menu?

    My favorite is Easy Huevos Rancheros as it uses mostly canned food, so only the eggs and if desired cheese and sausage need cooled.

    We love to do burgers, hot dogs, baked potatoes, corn on the cob, and spaghetti (make ahead, then reheat over the fire or on the stove).

  2. If all you have is a really small cooler I recommend either pancankes or Oatmeal for breakfast, Neither has to be refrigerated. You can get the just add water panckakes.

    Hobo packets - with grnd beef, sliced potatoes, carrots, salt & pepper are really good for dinner.

    You can alway premake something, flatten in a zip-lock and then reheat over stovetop - Alfredo Chicken pasta and such. If You freeze it, it should be fine for a day or so.

    Depending on how cool it is, canned chili or soups.

    That's all I can think of...we usually take a very large cooler, so not used to that type of cooking.

    Have fun.

  3. Tin Foil Dinners- We do them over charcoal but you can do them over coals from a really hot fire. Our favorite is to do hamburger with onions, diced peppers, carrots and hash brown patties (we usually partially boil the carrots first because they seem to take longer to cook than the rest)

  4. My idea was just like hobo packets and tin foil dinners, but we call them silver turtles :o)

    We reheated lasagne in tin foil the first time we camped by ourselves and it was awesome!

  5. we all ways end up trying new things so we don't have any tried and true camping recipes...

    but here's a great website that i've enjoyed... http://www.scoutorama.com/recipe/index.cfm

    a small cooler might be tough for a whole week's camping. can you borrow a larger one from some friends? you'll be surprised at how much needs to be kept cool.

    have fun!!

  6. check out Maryjanesfarm.com - she lived for several years as a park ranger in a lookout tower... if anyone has a way to make good food in the woods without packing a lot it would be the person who had hike all her food in and then carry it up two stories.

    I love the turnover dinners! Easy to make!