Little surprises

It is so nice to be home again after over two weeks away. The kids and I stayed with my parents while Mr. Mordecai went on a very long, far-away business trip. (Pictures from that later.)

It was so nice to be with my family while Mr. Mordecai was away. Sometimes it's hard to keep my spirits up when he doesn't come home in the evening, especially for so long. We enjoyed time with grandparents, aunts, and uncles. We celebrated Tiger Lily's first birthday (three times over!). And now Red Chief tells me he wants to live with one of his aunts instead of with us.

Several surprises awaited us upon coming home. First of all, the cat was here. We had heard about halfway through the trip from the boy who was taking care of her that she had escaped. Evidently she was only gone for two days or so. We were so happy to see her, especially Red Chief.

Also, the lawn looked terrible. You know how you always hope that it doesn't look too obvious that you're away from home, and you hold your mail and newspaper and leave a light on so it maybe looks like you're there? Well, we did all that, but our lawn gave us away. Also there was a coupon from a lawn service company in our front door. Luckily we got home early enough that Mr. Mordecai was able to take care of it right away.

One last nice surprise was the garden. When we left, everything was tiny. Now it's huge! The peas are tall; the turnips have exploded and are covering everything else. The tomatoes and basil aren't dead, and the cucumbers are still alive. The cilantro grew from a poor six-inch thing to a three-foot-tall monster. I celebrated by using some to make a big batch of black beans and rice. Because I always feel like eating vegetarian after a long trip.


  1. Yay, Mrs. M. is back.

    See, I told you you didn't have to give gardens that much work.

    I wish I had 3 foot tall cilantro!!! My garden lately is an endless production of yellow zucchini, but I'm not complaining.

  2. welcome home! we usually struggle with our cilantro but this year it's going crazy. ours isn't 3 feet tall... but maybe 2 feet! it must be the year of cilantro. :)

  3. Welcome back! I'm glad your garden did so well while you were gone. Ours isn't quite so robust yet, but it's getting there. We'll have to get together soon.

  4. I'm so glad your cat was home! That makes me happy.

    And I'm jealous that your cilantro is so big. Mine died...

  5. Very glad to hear your cat found its way home.

    Also, I am sure if Red Chief spent a few days with the auntie in question the novelty would wear off and he'd want to run home as fast as he could. :)

  6. I thought I'd commented earlier, but that's great that your garden did well while you are gone!