Where do you get all your pictures?

People keep asking me where I get all the old pictures for my blog. Although I do try to keep a credit list on my sidebar of my most frequently used sources and try to give individual credit to images from less frequently used sources or when required by the source, I admit that I could do a much better job. Because most of what I use is clearly in the public domain in the United States, though, I generally don't worry about it too much.

Where do I find these great resources? Well, lately, people just send them to me, since they know I'm interested. Thanks, everyone!

Here are my favorite and most frequently used sources. What sources do you use?

(Click on any image to enlarge.)

I started out using images that I had collected from the Dover Sampler because I had them, I liked them, and as far as I could tell, it was okay for me to use them. I still use them occasionally, but not as much anymore.

Another amazing source that I use is Project Gutenberg. If you're not familiar with it, it's a huge project to digitize public domain works. I really enjoy poking around there when I have time to kill; there are so many interesting (and funny!) old books and nice pictures. They're all free to use however you would like because they're in the public domain.

Sometimes, rarely, I scan in pictures from my own old books that are in the public domain. I'd like to submit them to Project Gutenberg some time, but right now I lack the scanning time I would need.

Grandma's Graphics is another favorite with me, and has a lot of really nice public domain images.

I haven't used too many of these, but The Graphics Fairy has lots of nice old pictures, most of which she has touched up to look new again.

I've just recently started mining Liam's Pictures from Old Books.

Read.gov has so many charming old children's books.

Almost done! Archive.org has lots of old books in the same vein as Read.gov.

Last but certainly not least, Magazine Art has lots and lots of graphics from old magazines, most retouched, and they have kindly given me permission to use their images.

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  1. I stumbled on your post, and I also love the Dover Sampler. Thanks for all these great links for public domain pics.

    There's also Wikimedia - you never know what you'll find there.