What a baby wants for her birthday

I was fairly amused and disgusted when I received a pink catalog in the mail a few weeks ago. This catalog is filled with party supplies. For babies. Babies turning one.

Hello, my name is Tiger Lily, and I demand a Minnie Mouse/Elmo/princess/ladybug party. I want a life-sized balloon of a commercialized cartoon character and a little throne to sit on to have my picture taken and a piƱata shaped like a giant bottle of nail polish and a t-shirt and bib to coordinate with my party decor and a photo of my face on personalized paper plates so everyone can eat cake off it.

Now my question is, is this really what a baby wants? Does a baby turning one want you to invite over twenty people and have lots of noise and cheek-pinching and cameras flashing in her face? Or would she just rather smash a cupcake into her hair and chew on a few gifts surrounded by the people she loves most?


  1. Kids could care less. I did the big party thing for my first child. Not that bad though. I've learned my lesson.

    What I know is that it's the parents who want on excuse to have a party. And it's part of our over abundance society to do all this stuff. We've been downsizing and simplifying everything this year.

    Small and simple in all areas of our lives. A couple of friends, or just family, some cupcakes and ice cream. Play in the back yard and have a blast. Who needs more stuff anyway?

  2. Little ones just want the most important people in the world to them and don't really understand all the excitement. Its the adults who want the attention and prestige of having the biggest party on the block.

    Your post was cute with Tiger Lily "writing" :0)


  3. We have always used kids birthday parties as a day for a family get together. So a 1 year old (or 2 of them in my case) really doesn't care about the party, but they do love seeing their grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. And all the family enjoys having a bbq and playing board games.

  4. At my birthday party, 1 y/o self tried to eat balloons, smashed homemade block cakes and ice cream on my head, had people pick me up, and chewed on the cardboard boxes that the presents came in. I wouldn't deny my daughter or son the same experience :o)

  5. Annalise was baptized on her first birthday, so we had that too, and still didn't go "all out". I have a friend that recently rented farm animals for her baby's first bday

  6. In Hawaii we have big one year birthday luaus. HUGE. For my first daughter's birthday we invited 150 of our closest friends and family. And we made all the food-Hawaiian style luau food. Cotton Candy, Shave Ice, and a bouncy castle (so you can get thoroughly sick afterward!) It's a very cultural thing here-very much expected. The majority of guests give monetary gifts, so the cost isn't that great and we don't have the "stuff" problem. Definitely a lot of work, though-my husband got shingles right before my first daughter's party!

  7. Ummm. Speaking from experience? Go small - no nuclear meltdowns that way.

    For both girls 1st we invited a couple families we were close to for a birthday lunch carefully scheduled between nap times. It was great, and the girls had fun.

    Then as a family we went out for supper and we all actually had fun!

    Do what you want, what makes it special for your family. Don't feel pressured.

  8. First birthdays are definately all about the parents and not the baby but I think that is OK! It is after all a CELEBRATION of the first year of their life which I think is one of the hardest years you'll ever endure with your child. I would rather throw a huge celebration to celebrate my child being born than smother them with gifts on every other holiday. I think it's all about creating special memories! It doesn't have to include material things but I do think it is important to have tangible evidence (ie pics) of the monumentous occassion and each year to follow. Do your really want your 20 year old asking you why they didn't have a 1st bday party?
    I like the question that you posed though!