Red Chief says

Playing with a Roman numeral watch: "I think it's X o'clock. Now it's I o'clock."

When he wants us to call him by a different name: "[Red Chief] is dead."

"Mommy, there's a ghost in my room. Please kill it."

Mr. Mordecai, before Red Chief prays: "What are you thankful for?"
Red Chief: nothing
Mr. Mordecai: "Are you thankful for Mommy?"
Red Chief: "No, I'm just thankful for the food."
(On a side note, he also occasionally calls me "Restaurant.")

"There's a button on Baby, and when you push it, she stops making noise."

People he pretends to be:
Homer Price
Mr. Fox
Bob the Builder
one of our Cub Scouts
Curious George
a bishop
a humane society officer
a librarian
a vet
Norm Abram

Roles he assigns to Tiger Lily:

Red Chief wearing his scout shirt and his bishop tie, showing off the table saw he made.

Tiger Lily meows.


  1. She sounds like me! I meow at my cat all the time. I wonder what they're talking about...

  2. Your children are adorable! All that pretending is wonderful.

  3. I love seeing cats run away from little kids. The child is usually blissfully oblivious that the cat would rather be anywhere else and delighted to be "playing" with it.

    I liked the table saw. Very creative!