Questions I ask the world

What kind of birthday cake should I make myself? And Red Chief? And Tiger Lily?
Will I ever catch up with the laundry?
What will I do without Pleasant View Schoolhouse?
Is Red Chief exceptionally naughty, a little bit naughty, or just a normal little boy?
What shall I make for dinner tonight?
If I went a month without sweeping the dining room, how deep would the crumbs be?


  1. Lemon cake with chocolate icing *yum!*


    Vanilla blocks

    Nope :o)

    Cry with the rest with us :o(

    He's an exceptionally normal little boy

    Layered chicken casserole

    It depends - if it's hardwood, they seem to disappear on their own. If carpet, probably about 1/4 inch.

  2. Whatever cake sounds yummy at the time, for each of you. I always liked to try and do a "healthy" cake for the little ones. Like an apple spice or carrot.

    No, you will NEVER catch up on laundry. Unless you all stop wearing clothes. Red Chief may have a blast with that one though. And I'm sure your husband wouldn't complain. (I know mine wouldn't)

    God will provide just the right thing/blog/ideas you need to get by.

    Try some healthy pigs in a blanket. I made them last night and they were a hit.

    I can't imagine how many crumbs. Just 1.25 weeks and my kitchen floor is a disaster. I knew I should have picked up the broom this weekend.

  3. I think for your birthday you should make this: http://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/Chocolate-Bundt-Cake or this: http://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/Chocolate-Bundt-Cake-3

    I love Taste of Home's website...they also have some great themed cake ideas for kids.

  4. Spice cake with brown sugar frosting
    Milk Chocolate with cream cheese frosting
    Lemon with vanilla frosting

    Yes, dear--you will. And it will feel wonderful. You'll see.

    Where is it going?

    Very normal, I'm sure. He is likely testing the boundaries to make sure they are still there. Children need them.

    Cheesy Lasagna--yum!

    Dang deep. But you could always get a dog. Heh, heh.


  5. Flourless chocolate cake. Yum!
    Cupcakes that spell out his name.
    White cake with tart lemon frosting.
    I linked to her page from your blog and am now addicted. And sad she is no longer blogging.
    Just the right amount of naughty to account for the pickles, snakes, and old rusty rakes that little boys are made of.
    Tomatillo Chicken, rice, and steamed cauliflower.
    Depends on how many ants are around. :)