This weekend the sewing bug bit me and Mr. Mordecai and the kids were nice enough to cooperate. I followed this tutorial for the third time and they came out my best yet! I guess there is something to be said for practice. Even though sewing doesn't really come naturally to me, it is nice to see that my skills are improving over time.

Now I want to make more! Maybe if I practice enough, I'll learn how to sew straight someday.


  1. They're very cute! I've only made pillowcases once, very simplistic, and I have to look hard to figure out which were bought and which were made. I love them!

  2. My sewing machine got a recent workout but it was by my mom not by me. I still find it extremely unfortunate that my mother sews like a professional but like you I can't sew a straight line. As my mother and you have pointed out here a little practice would probably go a long way.
    Your pillow cases look lovely.

  3. I left you a comment in response to yours at my blog.

    Love the pillowcases.

  4. Very nice! I never sewed much before getting married/having kids but now I love it. I haven't unpacked my sewing machine yet, though.

    By the way, we'd still love to babysit your kids so you can go to the temple this month. Just give me a call and let me know when. Anytime, really.

    Also, thanks for commenting on my book blog. I love that you and I have such similar tastes in books. :D

  5. Great job! they are sweet!