Breathing room

I've been meaning to make some of those cute crafty magnets that everyone makes for ages now but, like most crafty sorts of things, I haven't gotten around to it. Crafts are really not my thing, so they don't take first priority for me when I have so many other things to occupy my time (two in particular!).

In any case, I picked up some simple round magnets at the dollar store. I tossed all the millions of cheap advertising magnets that we've picked up over the years. Actually it was kind of sad because when we were first married we were so happy to get them because we had no magnets. But they're gone now, and I feel like I can breathe again when I look at the fridge.


  1. Seeing your fridge makes me want to do the same thing to mine! We have phone book magnets on ours, including but not limited to ads for dentists, ads for plumbers, ads for lawyers, ads for hospitals, ads for credit card companies...

  2. We have the weirdest magnets on our fridge. My favorite though, solely for practical reasons, is a mortgage company advertisement with a liquid crystal thermometer on it. I finally know (roughly) the temperature in here!