1. (a) If I get to the store in time, Japanese cheesecake. Can't decide if I should have it plain, or with lemon curd, or with cherries. (b) He's requested chocolate, so chocolate it will be. I was looking around for fun shapes to make it into, and then I realized that I'm really not very good at that and we'll all probably be just as happy with a nice big, normal, chocolate cake. (c) Maybe chiffon cupcakes with pink buttercream? Still not 100% decided there, but I know she'll love any sort of cake that I let her sink her little sharp teeth into.
  2. Oh, yeah. Caught up as of this morning. Folded and everything.
  3. Living so far.
  4. Probably I won't know until he grows up.
  5. Roasted sausage and vegetable pasta.
  6. This experiment has been abandoned. I've swept twice since then and should probably do it again. I'm in denial that I need to sweep every day, but I really should with two little crumb manufacturers working hard all day long.
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  1. Cake choices can be so agonising, can't they?

    I too will miss Pleasant View Schoolhouse. What a wonderful blog it was.

  2. You're 30 this year, right?

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog and your thoughtful comments. Your blog is one of the more uniquely styled I have seen