A weekend

This was a crazy weekend, with my brother and his wife visiting, Red Chief catching a tummy bug that he is still recovering from, and Tiger Lily learning how to open the kitchen cupboard locks (what a joke those things are!).

Anyway, things have been fun but busy. It's funny—I keep catching myself being grateful for odd things, such as paper towels and disinfectant and waterproof mattress pads. (By the way, I swear by these; they're worth their weight in gold—not crinkly-sounding and machine-washable and durable and completely waterproof.)

Tiger Lily has blown me away the past few days with her cuteness. Besides learning to open the kitchen cupboard locks, she's also walking really well, and can even manage turns and standing without pulling up on things. Also, she says "meow." If that's not the cutest thing I've ever seen, I don't know what is.

Poor Red Chief still wants to be his usual energetic self and I've been having to tell him no all weekend—no trips to the zoo, no chips, no bike rides, no vegetables. It's been 36 hours since the last major incident so I'm hoping he's on the mend. (Edit: Make that zero hours since the last incident.) At least he had his aunt and uncle to help distract him—he loves them and they have the unlimited energy to jump on the trampoline with him that I just can't seem to muster every day.


  1. It's hard to have a sick child. On for them as well.
    Meow....how cute.
    Our little P-Jo does fake sneezes, head motions and all, and it is way cute! :-D
    Aren't they fun? Children I mean.
    Enjoy your day

  2. How is it that even when kids are sick, they still manage to bounce off the walls? Kaia had a fever and an ear infection, and it was a battle to keep her home so she couldn't spread the virus she had before the infection.

    Glad to hear he's on the mend. I cannot believe Tiger Lily is old enough to walk, it just doesn't seem possible.

  3. I can't believe you have a trampoline! :(

  4. Hang on mama--these sick days will pass. What a lovely mother you are to tuck all these sweet memories in your heart. Your children sound adorable.


  5. Aw, hope Red Chief is feeling much better by today. I hate it when the little ones are sick.
    Tiger Lily sounds utterly adorable.