A tiny tea party

Yesterday could have been a very hard day. I was ready for it to be. Both of the kids were up quite a bit during the night and no one got much sleep. (Just found out this morning that they both have ear infections—again, for Red Chief.)

I devoted my day to spending time with my kids. I didn't get to do any of the things I wanted to do, but I still had fun. We spent the morning preparing for a lunch tea party, making tiny sugar cookies, fruit kebabs, and other little treats. (We also put dinner in the slow cooker and baked a pan of brownies for the cub scouts while we were busy in the kitchen.)

Red Chief thoroughly enjoyed his tea party: partly due to the fun treats, partly due to the fact that he had his own personal tiny tea pot full of water. I probably refilled that little pot ten times in half an hour.

Later, after naptime, we spent some time outside, did preschool, then had some movie time while I cleaned up the kitchen and finished dinner preparations.

When I go through my day like this, several thoughts come to mind. First of all, Red Chief had a fabulous day. He also didn't get into trouble. I think that kids (at least mine) don't really get into trouble when you're paying attention to them. I am so selfish—I always want to do what I want to do. But if I plan my day around my children, everyone's happier.

You'd think I'd learn—I've said this before. But I will continue to try. And while I'm trying, anyone have bright ideas for fun kid activities? It's easy enough one day, but it can get hard to keep coming up with fun things to do.


  1. Nice post! I totally agree with you on the attention thing... it sure isn't easy! I have a friend who comes up with a theme for each week and that totally helps keeping the ideas flowing. She has had Dinosaur week, spring week, and red week in recent memory... if I can't think of what to do I think "what would Amy do?" and next thing I know we are finger painting with red paint or digging for dinosaur bones in the back yard. I think this week is BUG WEEK if that helps!

  2. Make your work their play. Hide small objects around the living room, and see if the kids can find them all while you dust and vacuum. Hide the measuring cups and spoons around the kitchen and dining area for them to find while you do the dishes.
    Make tent(s)in a room near your work area. Flashlights, "camping treats," and sleeping bags are great fun.
    Play mailman. Give them old envelopes, stickers for stamps, and cut-out pictures to put in envelopes. They can deliver mail to each others' rooms.
    On laundry day, let them wash doll clothes and small stuffed animals in the bathroom sink.
    Keep a few toys or favorite DVDs reserved for special times, such as when they're sick (or when you are.)

  3. I am no expert not even close. I was the same way when mine were little so your not the only one. Let Red Chief help you with the household stuff he can help clean in his own little way. Washing dishes with mom was always a fun thing. Ask him to see what he wants to do you might be surprized.


  4. Smart lady! I have noticed the same thing. Give them attention and they are happy and don't get in trouble. And because of that the feeling in the whole home is so much more peaceful.
    Just don't try to get to elaborate or you will burn out, trust me I know. I like themes too. Play with them, paint with them, build with play dough or legos etc. Have them help around the house. Read to them, I know you do that.

    And a little tangent from me:
    Can I just say one thing that really bugs me? Moms who complain all the time about spending so much of their time with their kids. I was at the park the other day with a friend and she was getting so upset and saying things like "I am a mom 24/7! Why can't they just leave me alone?"
    I did not know how to respond to her so just kinda shrugged my shoulders and mumbled something about it being hard sometimes. What I was thinking was why did you have kids if you did not want to be their mother? Anyway, I am rambling but it just makes me happy to see other moms who actually like being a mom! My kids are not a burden to me. Difficult, exhausting, stress inducing at times but not a burden.

    Oh, and I love all the mini-foods for your tea party! So cute.

  5. LOve the adorable tea party food - hanging onto that idea for the future grandbabies for sure. And healthy too!!


  6. one thing I used to do for my kids when they were little like yours is give them sandwich meat, sliced cheese, bread and mini cookie cutters at lunch. They had a blast making all their little food shapes to eat :)

  7. I homeschooled both of my boys. one is now 29 (police officer now)and the other is 19yrs. (security officer & college student) I loved every min of it. I use to do things like make homemade ice cream with 2 coffee cans, ice, salt, cream or milk, vanilla, any fruit you like and sugar.
    All you do is get a large coffee can and put a small coffee can in it. pack the large can with ice around the small can and sprinke with salt. then add the cream, sugar, fruit and vanilla to small can add the lid (i always taped it with duct tape) the add lid to large can and add duct tape and then let the kids roll it between the two to them for a while. and waa laa you have homemade ice cream and 2 kids entertained for at least 20-30mins.