Do you send mail anymore? I do sometimes, but not nearly often enough. When I was younger, I sat down at my desk every Sunday and wrote letters. I'd write to my pen pals, my cousins, my grandparents. I loved writing letters. And sometimes people would even write back.

My grandma wrote faithfully every week; I think it's from her that I get my letter-writing gene. I had a pen pal from Sweden who also wrote back and we even got to meet eventually. I still have all her letters.

Today I was cleaning out Red Chief's preschool wall and pulled down a few pictures to send to family. Between those and some birthday cards and a check, I actually got to send some mail. There's something so relaxing for me in the ritual of addressing envelopes and affixing stamps. I have been quite negligent in sending letters and birthday cards lately, but I think I'll try to do better. Why not? I enjoy it.


  1. Love your blog and this post.
    I love to send letters. I'm not doing it as much as I used to but I too, have pledged to do better.

    My mom passed away two years ago and she always sent cards and letters - boy, I miss that! I loved seeing her handwriting.

    I think that's the best - seeing someone's writing and knowing they took time out of their day to pen a letter to you.

  2. I agree with this. I have just decided to get my son more committed to "writing" to his cousins each week (He's four.)and I too, often send his completed crafts, etc. to grandparents. I think it's a good way to connect with him even though we're far away.

  3. It is always great to get a picture in the mail, especially a creatively captioned one. :)

  4. I write letters! And I have grown up with computers (I'm 27) but I still love it. I am a stationery addict. I write back and forth with one friend 3-4 letters per week, and write to other friends a little less frequently :)

  5. The last letter I wrote was in early 2005.
    There was this woman at my parents' old church that I found out was battling cancer. After I got married, my parents sent announcements to people about my marriage on stationery with pretty white roses. I took one of these leftover stationery and wrote very basic,
    "Dear Kiki. I want to write you a short note to let you know that you are in my prayers. You were always so nice to me when
    I was a kid, and it always meant a lot to me. Love, Danielle"

    That was it. The next time she saw my mother, she stopped her and really let her know how much it meant to her that I sent her. She told my mom, "I got the most BEAUTIFUL letter from your daughter."
    I hear from Kiki now every year at Christmas, and she's cured from cancer.