Very Important Notes

  1. Sorry I've been having some issues with the comments. Some have been getting marked as spam in my email and as I've been neglecting my blog a bit lately, I hadn't noticed. I think I've got them all taken care of now.
  2. Thanks for asking, yes, you can follow me on Twitter. I don't do much with it, but occasionally I'll post a link I find interesting.
  3. I just replaced a pair of shoes that I've had since 2001. It occurred to me that just because they're still holding together doesn't mean they're still comfortable. I was right.
  4. I'm addicted to Goodreads. A friend convinced me to join and I have to say that my reading satisfaction has gone way up since then. I love seeing what my friends and family think of the books they read. It's nice going to the library with a list of books I want to read instead of just aimlessly browsing, which rarely turns up anything terribly exciting.
  5. Speaking of Goodreads, I've been using it to keep track of what I've read this year—and what I've read to my kids, too. Fun.
  6. Mr. Mordecai built me a lovely new computer desk. It's smaller, fits into an alcove in our main room, and Tiger Lily doesn't bump her head on it. We also hooked up a TV tuner to the computer and have been recording a few different things. That solves most of my main issues with TV: that it's full of junk and that you have to plan your schedule around it. This way we can record the few things that we want to watch, avoid the trash, and watch it on our own schedule.
  7. Look at this cool bug I found in our house. Two of the sticks turned out to be wings.

  8. I leave you with this fine piece of cinematography from Red Chief:


    1. That was a very good eyeball, Red Chief.

    2. Goodreads is pretty great. And not at all addicting for me. I do not frequently get on during the day just to have a look at my books...
      Speaking of which, We picked up the first Mercy Watson book at the library last week. Have not read it yet though.
      We have had the TV on more since Friday than we have in several months combined. A part of me is really looking forward to the end of the Olympics so the TV can go back off again. But I do enjoy watching the games.

    3. I like goodreads too, although I am not very consistant and forget to add books :).

      Are we friends on goodreads?....

    4. Very smart on the shoes. It isn't good for us to wear shoes past comfort.