Red Chief reads The Little Prince


Our latest bedtime reading selection has been The Little Prince. Red Chief seemed to mostly ignore us as we were reading it; he was usually thumbing through Fantastic Mr. Fox (the last book we read to him) as we read. Last night we finished it, and this morning he's been walking around with the book, "reading" it.
“Grownups are very strange, and they write things.”
“Then the little prince pretended to die.”
“The prince turned the lamplighter on. Then he turned it off.”
“The little prince was drinking some water from the fountain.”

I guess he was listening after all.


  1. Too precious - he couldn't be pondering a better book :)


  2. "Grown ups are very strange, and they write things."

    ROFL. Have you noticed with some children's things, that children themselves get different stuff out of it than what was meant by the author?

    If you want an even bigger hoot, try watching Star Trek with Red Chief. My dad is a Trekkie, and Annalise comes up with some of the most hilarious interpretations of the weirdness of that show.