An admirable profession

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"I enjoy doing housework, ironing, washing, cooking, dishwashing. Whenever I get one of those questionnaires and they ask what is your profession, I always put down housewife. It's an admirable profession, why apologize for it. You aren't stupid because you're a housewife. When you're stirring the jam you can read Shakespeare."
—Tasha Tudor, The Private World of Tasha Tudor

When people ask me what I do, I find myself answering, "I'm just a mom," and then going on to tell them, "But I used to be a technical writer," even though the truth is that I'd a thousand times rather be doing what I'm doing now than go back to writing software manuals. 

Why is being a housewife or a mom not enough for us? What do you say when asked what you do?


  1. OOOOOO! SO true! I'm so very grateful to the Mr. that I was able to stay home and be the mom to our kids. Truly a gift.
    I like being home. I like home. In fact, I really like being home! BUT
    I dislike it when other women who work and say things to me like, “well, you don't work so you can do it.” or "yoou don't work so all you have is time".....hummmm.
    Have you noticed that it's not usually men who make comments about a women being a housewife? Or "just a mom"? Mostly other women. Ha. your post struck a cord with me today....a pet peeve. SOooooooo, I had better stop now and save face! :-D
    A fellow blogger calls herself "the keeper of the home" I like that. Another, which I REALLY like and am always going to use but I always forget....is " I'm a Research Associate in the field of Child Development and Human Relations"
    It's not mine and it came with a very short cute story. If you have an intrest I could email it to you.
    It so goes along with your post today!
    Enjoy your day.

  2. What a good question☺ And it really made me think. I most often say that I am a homemaker... I don't mind the term "housewife," in fact I think there is an honor to it. However I am not really a wife, so I don't use it.

    But your question made me think that so often I add... "and I sew," or "I used to be Special Services Director for HeadStart," or "I'll probably go back to teaching once my children have grown up a bit more." I hated working outside of the home and I dread having to go back to work, so why do I feel so compelled to mention those things?

    Silly me.

  3. I always say that I'm a Professional Mom.
    I agree with you, I have never been happier than I am as a full time professional mom!

  4. I always say that "I was a nurse but now I get to be a stay at home mom."
    But now I am questioning why I even mention being a nurse. Because it gives me "more credit"? Because being a stay at home mom is not respectful enough on its own? I think perhaps will stop mentioning the "nurse". If people don't want to respect me for choosing to being a homemaker than I'm not sure we have a whole lot in common anyways.

  5. I do that as a teacher as well. I usually say "I'm a teacher, but I went to grad school for atmospheric physics." I don't know why. It's often the most important jobs that command the least respect.

  6. I actually don't get asked this a lot. Maybe because I almost always have my kids with me? When I do get asked I usually say I am a homemaker.

  7. Oh, PS: I LOVE Tasha Tudor. I once saw a 1/2 hour special on her at 4 am on public television. She is (was) definitely one of my influences. I'm glad to see someone else knows of her as well.