What I've learned about potty training

To clean up little puddles on the carpet or upholstery, blot up as much as possible with a rag. Sprinkle with cornstarch and a little baking soda and allow to soak up the extra moisture for about fifteen minutes. Vacuum. If it still smells the next day, break out the carpet cleaner.

To clean poopy clothes, put on your rubber gloves and swish around in toilet until you get rid of as much poop as possible. Then launder in hot water (with a tiny bit of bleach, if you like).

Keep disinfectant wipes at the ready for quick bathroom wipe-ups.

Don't ask me how I know; I'm not sure I want to talk about it yet.


  1. I had the joy of cleaning our carpet after the stomach bug caused Mo's diaper to fail. Motherhood isn't always fun & games.

  2. I sooooo needed you in my life about 20 year ago :)



  3. Thanks for sharing. We will enter potty training in the next few months.

  4. Great advice.
    But now I'm even more scared to start potty training my boys! LOL

  5. What a wonderful blog you have! I'm bookmarking it to keep checking back. I don't have any kids yet, but I'm guessing that in a few years, your posts are going to come in pretty handy :)

  6. My child may have been stellar with potty training, but I have had the rug problem with my dog. The dog knows better, he's just vindictive. Before I moved out, I wanted so badly to go through and shampoo the rugs. My husband objected to it and wouldn't tell me why. If I opened the windows, he objected to that, too. Let me just say that you are lucky you CAN clean the rugs. I know it's easy to complain, and it's a yucky job, but not being allowed to do it and having to live in a place with a remnant smell is no picnic either.

  7. Ahhh.. those were the days;)

    I used to time my kids' potty training for the warmer months of the year. I'd keep them in the kitchen or backyard and allow them to run around without any bottoms on (scandalous!) I suppose you could call it the lazy mama's toilet training method. ha!