Ten things to do with my three-year-old

  1. Make play dough
  2. Make an air blower
  3. Phonics sorting
  4. Read The Rocket Book
  5. Make a colored pasta necklace
  6. Print and cut out these Berenstain Bears paper dolls
  7. Play with magnetic letters 
  8. Ball painting
  9. Make a tent with pillows and blankets
  10. Toss a beanbag or ball back and forth


    1. I love your blog. I love these terrific, gentle reminders that you provide me to stop what I'm doing and give a little more to my children. I get so caught up with the humdrum housekeeping nonsense, that I forget i need to stop and play with my kids. I love these links. Thank you!

    2. Lots of good ideas. Some of those are already on my list too and I will have to add some. Like the Berenstain Bear paper dolls. My kids will love those.