Red Chief says

I will do the laundry all by myself.
Daddy, will you please stop saying no?
Mommy, will you stop talking?
Does the humidifier shock your fingers with its fan?
My name is Spy Bob the Builder.
Last year I had an old year, but it's gone!


  1. Did it find out that the humidifier fan "shocks" his fingers the hard way?

  2. I love hearing what he says. I feel bad when we are all at Grammy and Grandpa's because my kids are so loud. I love seeing your kids interact with mine. They both make me smile.

  3. Mrs. Webb: I don't think so, but he generally doesn't play with it when I know about it. So who knows?

  4. I love it. Especially line 2 and 3. So cute. At least he's polite!

  5. SO what is "SPY Bob the Builder" doing this morning in the way of "spy" work?
    LOL "spy Bob" made me smile.
    ( I need to go have a visit with one of my two yr old GS's today I think!) :-)
    Enjoy Your day.