Ramblings about our holiday

We had a lovely Christmas at home. Christmas Eve, we watched Joy to the World and talked about Christ's birth.

Christmas morning, we enjoyed cinnamon rolls that had been rising overnight in the fridge (for Mr. Mordecai) and sausages (for Red Chief). First, though, we emptied our stockings and found our gifts from Santa (Pat the Bunny for Tiger Lily and Peasant Pig for Red Chief).

We opened the gifts from Mr. Mordecai's parents via webcam so they could see. That was a nice way to share the holiday without having to travel in bad weather.

For Christmas dinner we had Spanikopita (I used these two recipes for my version), which we enjoyed. Red Chief liked the "paper" crust.

Later in the day my parents and little sister arrived. We had round two of gifts, and Red Chief was thoroughly wound up. He actually didn't get to sleep until about 1:00 am, due, I think, to the combined presence of visitors in the house and his new flashlights.

We enjoyed a few nice days with my family, and Mr. Mordecai and I were able to get away twice without the kids: once to the temple and once to lunch. It was a few days early for our anniversary, but we took the babysitting while we had it. I don't mind hiring a babysitter—we have one we really like—but I still trust my parents more, especially with Tiger Lily.

For New Year's Eve it was just the four of us again. We've done reading while snacking on  weird fruit in the past, but we were out of new specimens, so instead this year we tried some new cheeses: Wensleydale, double Gloucester, and Brie. All of them were good, but the brie was my favorite. I had a hard time making it to midnight after I finished my first book, but after a little nap I was able to pick up another and make it to the new year.

Mr. Mordecai has had the week off work and he's been working on a built-in desk for our living room. It's nearly done! Also I ordered couches and curtain rods and so during the next few months, I'm hoping to pretty up our main living area a bit. I don't have much decorating talent, but I'm very picky, so it's hard for me. I think I'm finally getting a few ideas that I like, though. We've lived here for almost two years now, so it's about time.

Red Chief got some Tinkertoys for Christmas. He loves them but Tiger Lily is army-crawling now and can scoot around and get them. My best idea of the vacation was to put Red Chief in the playpen with the Tinkertoys. He thinks it's pretty funny, and loves that Tiger Lily can watch him but not touch. And she's happy that she's not stuck in the playpen.


  1. The playpen to keep his tickertoys safe while he plays is a cute idea.

    The things we mom's come up with to help when times are just so hard. Even at his young age and not sharing with Tiger Lily.


  2. We had cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning, too. I'm glad you all had a good time. It's very important to get couple time, anniversary or not!

  3. Sounds like a lovely way to spend the Holidays. So very peaceful, what could be better?
    Love the playpen idea--a treat for both of them.
    I look forward to pictures of the new decorations!

  4. Sounds like both of your holidays were fantastic! What did Red Chief think of the cheeses?

    I love Brie and haven't had any since before I became pregnant with the boys. I love to find it on sale and then buy a loaf of french bread and eat the two for my meals and snacks until it's gone.