Letter K

Here's our preschool plan for letter K:

I was worried about my ability to make keys, but they were good enough for Red Chief, who was delighted with them. We used pipe cleaners to make the K on the kite. I let Red Chief paint the kite red instead of using red paper, which pleased him very much.


  1. These are always such cute ideas! I love seeing the craft projects. :)

  2. I know I've said it before, but you are a busy mom! Kudos’ to you!

    .....when our #5 child, a son was small, he was home alone with me for a few years before he went to school, and every time I went to wal mart of course I HAD to look at the fabric, which he didn't like. He used to very loudly proclaim...."no no not the fabric! Any place but the fabric"!
    If I was there with a friend they always knew where to come and find me because they could hear his wail!
    Sometimes it was easier to laugh than to cry, but sometimes I did just want to cry right along with my kids! But it did get easier the older they got, and sometimes I could use an incentive and that helped, and sometimes I was able to leave them home with their dad! That was nice!
    There is just something about shopping that seems to make kids fussy and clingy......it must be some law of nature or something huh. :-) But it will get easier!
    Enjoy your day.

  3. We are huge Starfall fans. Love the plan for K.