Last-few-days-before-the-store menu plan

I can't remember exactly when I went to the store last, but the fridge is pretty bare. Staples I'm used to having around such as cheese, yogurt, carrots, onions, and other vegetables are gone. We have potatoes to use up, plenty of eggs whose date is approaching, and enough milk and fruit. There is plenty in the freezer—we could probably eat a week out of the freezer if we didn't mind a bit of repeating.

I'm glad to have cleaned out the fridge, freezer, and pantry a bit since the new year. Note to self: wipe out the mostly-empty fridge before my trip to the store on Thursday!


Monday breakfast: hash browns and eggs
Monday lunch: burritos or corn dogs
Monday dinner: strata (to use up a bag of frozen bread cubes and several eggs, altering recipe to use what we have) and frozen vegetables

Tuesday breakfast: waffles and applesauce
Tuesday lunch: strata
Tuesday dinner: gumbo and corn muffins (from freezer)

Wednesday breakfast: oatmeal and boiled eggs
Wednesday lunch: sandwiches
Wednesday dinner: Pulled pork on buns (from freezer) and apples

Thursday breakfast: Pancakes and fried eggs
Thursday lunch: Alphabet pasta
Thursday dinner: White bean soup, spinach, and no-knead bread


  1. Looks yummy! I fondly remember strata from my college days♥

    This week I am going to try and eat from our pantry and freezer- maybe only purchase milk and some eggs for the week... we'll see how that goes;)

  2. Looks like a good menu.

  3. What is Strata?
    I've been trying to go to the store less. It's a shocker every time I do go!
    When I buy milk, I buy gallons at a time and freeze them.
    Enjoy your day.
    BTW I love warm tapioca! Yummy yummy.

  4. I've been participating in the challenge and am enjoying using up those bits of extras that are left in the freezer and pantry! Great sounding menu!

  5. Mercy, there is a link so you can see the recipe for strata. It's just bread cubes baked in a savory egg custard.