Keeping a journal

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I've kept a journal ever since I was six or seven, and I know that's it's good for me: therapeutic. I need to write. Having a private space and a bit of time each day to put down my thoughts helps me in so many ways. It gives me a place to vent my frustrations. And usually by the time I'm done venting, I not only feel better, but I also come to some sort of productive conclusion.

Mr. Mordecai has been transcribing his father's journals lately, and it's really made me think about what I write in my own. I don't write for posterity; I write for myself. I'm not sure if I would ever want people reading all that I write—not that it's scandalous or anything; more that it's disorganized and hurried and just a rush of my thoughts as I pour them out. Also, when I write about things that frustrate me, things tend to look a little exaggerated when I look back.

Anyway, I was just curious as to what others think. Do you keep a journal? Do you keep it for yourself or for posterity?


  1. Journals are precious! I so love when I have opportunities to share others real life experiences from the past or present through their journal writings.


  2. I keep kinda two. I have one that I do for my kids once or more a month. I call it the Little Gold Nugget Journal. I journal scriptures the Lord has shown me and what I think it is saying to me. I hope tho share this with my kids when they get older so they can rely on the Word to help them.

    Then I keep a journal that I occasionally right in aboutmy feelings, thoughts, dreams.-

  3. I thinking a similar topic over with myself the other day.

    I'd say that my blog is my journal, because I record the happenings of our lives in them, but at the same time, I don't write about super personal things, or always say just what I think, to avoid hurting feelings or causing controversy. I was wondering if I hadn't ought to have a place for writing those kinds of thoughts as well.

    I'm fully decided, but I think that for now, I don't mind considering my blog my journal. I find that the benefit that I would get from writing vexing or sad things down can be derived from prayer as well. Instead of working things out on the page, I talk them over with God. I know many people pray/write. As in, pray while they're writing things down, to straighten out their own thoughts. I'm just leaning toward not journaling very personal things for now, to make sure posterity will enjoy my journaling. :)

    Now, lists on the other hand... If I could just pass down my hundreds and hundreds of lists of things for posterity, lol!

  4. You just reminded me of something that my grandmother said last year that made me very sad. She said she was going to burn all of hers and my grandfather's love letters to each other before she dies so we can't see them. I was so upset when I heard that!

    I try to keep journals in hard copy, but I never can. My blog now serves as a journal for me. It helps me remember things and work through things I'm thinking about.

  5. My blog is my journal. Now that I know others read it, I am more careful what I write. I think it's for myself and for posterity. I find myself wishing that my great grandmothers and great great grandmothers had kept journals. Maybe they have, but were lost. My parents say they must have all been illiterate, but not necessarily. I would be happy if some of my descendants down the line read my blog. I have it in hard copy just for that reason.

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