Breakfast patterns revisited

About a year ago, I posted about breakfast patterns:

"It is convenient to follow patterns in meal planning. These are general outlines which give a working plan for each meal and save much time in menu making. Such type or pattern meals need not be monotonous. Indeed, with their use, a very satisfying variety in meals is possible."
The Family's Food, 1931
As I read this, and the continuing section about breakfast patterns, I realized that I have been using meal patterns, especially for breakfast, ever since I started cooking regular meals. It just makes sense: take something from each food group that you need, and make a meal from it.

For breakfast, I try to have a protein, a whole grain, and a fruit. That could mean
  • Yogurt, oatmeal, and orange juice
  • Poached eggs on whole wheat toast with fruit
  • A smoothie with a whole wheat English muffin sandwich with ham and eggs

I still like and use this idea for all meals, but it's especially helpful at breakfast time when my mind might not be quite fully functional yet.

Since I've started making breakfast every morning I've decided to come up with a new weekly pattern, because although I like variety, I don't like to decide what's for breakfast first thing in the morning. I'm still including fruit in my daily pattern but I won't list it as we'll usually just have whatever's around. And as always, if having something different makes sense, or even just sounds better, it's easy to ignore the schedule.
  • Monday: Cream of wheat, boiled eggs
  • Tuesday: Pancakes with applesauce, fried eggs
  • Wednesday: Leftovers or something new or different
  • Thursday: Oatmeal and yogurt
  • Friday: Poached eggs on toast
  • Saturday: Granola or cereal with milk
  • Sunday: Waffles, scrambled eggs


  1. Ahhhhhh.
    And A year ago, I copied that breakfast pattern, and used it some. I thought your ideas were good.
    And you're right about not being "fully functional" in the morning yet.
    A plan helps me go much faster as well!
    Enjoy your day.

  2. We like muffins in the morning. I refrigerate or freeze the leftovers. I made some homemade muffin mixes by combining all the dry ingredients in my favorite recipe in gallon ziplock bags (using powdered milk and eggs from food storage). Then it's easy to just add water and oil, dump the batter in muffin cups, and bake while we get ready in the morning.

  3. Those are good ideas, I am not very creative when it comes to breakfasts

  4. They sound soooo good. I can barely make a bowl of cream of wheat in the morning. No matter how early I wake up, I'm just not awake yet. Once upon a time, I used to make breakfast sandwiches. Maybe I'll try that again. Yay for breakfast ideas for tomorrow!!

  5. I love having a plan. Yours looks delicious!

  6. I used to do this type of planning... I SO need to do it again :)

  7. I plan in a way. I try to make sure I do a HOT breakfast at least 3 times in the week and not so much cereal. All though we choose healthy cereals and I add yogurt, or toast with it, I get tired of serving breakfast. It is just so convienent. So, I do three days eggs, toast, fruit and the other two cereal, yogurt, fruit. On Saturday's it usually a sweet breakfast waffles, pancakes and cinnamon rolls. On Sunday, my husband makes us gravy and homemade biscuits. Thanks for this post.