Random thoughts

Image courtesy magazineart.org

Potty training. Ugh.

Who said Tiger Lily could get teeth? And scoot around on her tummy? And babble? She's growing up too fast.

Christmas shopping is done. I love Amazon.

I found some promising-looking recipes for Christmas and New Year's Day. Not involving big chunks of meat.

Speaking of meat, last week I cooked steak for the first time without making it extra-well-done. Frying pans and I don't usually get along too well, so I'm proud of myself.

I like to read.


  1. It's amazing how fast they grow up! Enjoy it :o)

  2. Littlest Sister12/18/09, 7:33 PM

    haha nice. You sound like I did all day.

  3. Maybe Red Chief can just run around half naked for a few days?

  4. I got a new 12" cast iron skillet for my birthday and look forward to playing with it in the coming months. I saw a roll recipe that is baked in one that really tempts me. :-)