Toys and kids' rooms

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We don't keep toys in Red Chief's bedroom. It seems to me that a young boy who doesn't want to go to bed isn't going to be helped by a room full of toys. We keep a dresser full of clothes, a box of books, and a reading chair in his room. That's all besides the bed.

I'm thinking of converting our front room into a playroom one day, but for now, we have three shelves of toys in the living area. I rotate them as Red Chief loses interest. When I keep the quantity of toys in rotation to a minimum, the living area is usually manageable (although messy most of the time). 

Where do you keep toys?  Do you like having your kids play where you can keep an eye on them, or do you like to keep the mess and noise contained somewhere else, like bedrooms or a playroom? What are your rules about picking up and how do you teach your children to clean up after themselves?


  1. We have very limited space. I am very particular about having toys that are good and they play with. My oldest really don't play with toys. They do a doll, or blocks, or swords. I keep all of there toys which isn't a lot in there room and then we have a small basket of cars, dolls, and books in our family room downstairs. We pick up when were done with something. Most of the time we get blocks out, then put them up, then get books out, and put them up. That is the rule here.

  2. First of all, I absolutely *adore* the new look you've got here! So very pretty.. may I ask if it is one of the Blogger templates, or did you do your own "decorating?"

    And as for your question, my kids are currently quite a bit older than your little ones so, they generally keep all of their toys in their rooms. When they were younger, I had various locations for storing various toys... baskets under my coffee table: one for blocks and one for another type of toy set which was rotated. A kitchen cupboard held plastic dishes, play food and play doh along with rollers, cutters, etc. Books and puzzles were kept in a case next to my desk.. you get the idea. Special toys which were owned by only one child were stored in that child's particular room. They never distracted them from going to sleep because... well... my littles slept in my room with me until they weren't littles anymore;)

  3. Hmm, I used the Minima template with this three-column fix


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    Thanks for telling me what you do/did with toys.

  4. I like what you have done with the blog

    I am terrible at keeping toys picked up and put away, I have no advice to offer in this area! LOL

  5. My kids do not have toys in their room because I like to *try* and keep their mess contained. But they take toys into every room of the house so it often feels like a losing battle. I started what I call the lost toy box and once or twice a day I send the kids around with it to pick up toys they have left in other rooms.
    We have toys that stay out all time, Legos, blocks, Little People, puzzles, etc but the rest get rotated. Every Friday each child gets to pick 2 toys from the big bin to bring out for the next week. Although, they have not asked to trade toys in about a month. Guess they are happy with the ones they've got out now.
    I try to teach my kids to only play with one toy at a time and put it away when they are done, but, yeah, that doesn't happen.
    I look forward to the day when we have a basement. Then I can just close the door and ignore the mess. Right? :-)

  6. While I have no kids, my cat has a lot of toys. And I was surprised to see that she, too, pulls them out of the box and leaves them all over the floor. I just pick it up and throw it back in the box.

    For our human junk that gets thrown around, I have a lovely little laundry basket made of some kind of soft material (is it called sisal?) from Wal-Mart that we put our things in on the first floor. When we go upstairs, we take our things with us and put them away. I plan on instituting this when we have kids, too.

  7. We used to have a playroom in our basement, and four children in one upstairs room. But now it is used as a bedroom for two children. Now we have toys divided between the two children's bedrooms, and I like it better that way. They clean them up each day because they have to live in that room. When we had a toyroom, the mess could go on forever long. . . :)

  8. Thanks so much for stopping by!

    As for play areas, we use the living room the most. I have a toy chest that my grandpa made for my dad when he was little and we use it as a coffee table. Its very handy and helps me keep the clutter off of the table since we get into it so often. I also use the bottom part of our entertainment center as toy storage. I am in the process of moving toys into our guest bedroom/office and it will soon be a playroom. I just need to find a sleeper sofa so we can get the bed out of here and make more room to play!