Tiger Lily

  • Is the happiest baby I've ever met.
  • Rolls several feet at a time to get to things she wants.
  • Has decided that life is so interesting that she'd rather do her eating at night when there's nothing else going on.
  • Is too heavy for the front baby carrier but I keep putting her in it anyway because I don't how else to handle both her and Red Chief when we're out and about.
  • Loves to sit in her high chair and suck on apple slices.
  • Laughs for Red Chief and no one else.
  • Is so patient with Red Chief, even though his idea of playing with her involves mummifying her, face and all, in a blanket. Or pulling her socks off.
  • Enjoys people-watching and tries to catch people's eye and grin at them.
If all babies were like her, I'd have a dozen.


  1. I know another pair of siblings where the baby laughed first (and for awhile ONLY) at the antics of the older sibling.

  2. I saw the picture first and thought it was Red Chief when he was little(r)! Definitely can tell they're related

  3. I love that snow suit. What brand is it. Little Squeak could really use one of those for our long, cold New England winters. Squeak is also a really easy baby. We are so blessed!

  4. sounds like an very good baby!
    she and rc will be best friends! mercy