Green tomato plans

Here's my plan for the three large boxes of green tomatoes sitting on my kitchen counter. I'd love to be able to tackle them all at once, but I'm having a hard time even getting dinner made because Tiger Lily has decided that she doesn't like to be in the kitchen, so my plan has to be able to be carried out in 15-minute chunks of time.
  • Try to chop and freeze two quart bags of green tomatoes each day to use through the year in yellow split pea and green tomato stew, which we love
  • Make some "sun"-dried tomatoes with the ripe ones (I actually started a batch but ended up chopping up the half-dried tomatoes to use in chili because they looked so good and I was worried about leaving the oven on overnight)
  • Use tomatoes in meals as they become ripe: two cups chopped in place of a can of tomatoes; halved and drizzled with olive oil and vinegar and broiled in the oven; sliced with salt: whatever idea presents itself at the moment
  • Cull through the boxes of tomatoes every other day or so to discard decaying tomatoes and to set aside the ripe ones to use
  • I would really like to make some of this green tomato jam if I can find the time. Maybe I can manage if I freeze it instead of canning.


  1. How many of those tomatoes will ripen by the time you can them? I don't like eating tomatoes themselves, but I like tomato sauce and salsas a lot. I see tomatoes in the store, but they all look less than red. Do you use a vacuum sealer to freeze your produce?

  2. I don't use a vacuum sealer to freeze (I don't own one), just freezer bags and containers. The containers are my favorite since they're reusable.

    They're ripening fast, but it's hard to get them as ripe as they would on the vine; once they're picked green they're likely to turn out more like the store-bought version of ripe.

  3. thanks for the comment :)

    every year, my mom takes the tomatoes from our garden and we make yummy salsa! it's one of my favorite things

  4. Thanks for the link to the jelly recipe! That's making me feel a lot better about all the green tomatoes I have left that will need to be handled.

  5. Thanks for the green tomato recipes!

  6. Thanks for your fun ideas! I linked back to your blog from mine. I just love all of your ideas!