String art

Last week Red Chief informed me that he wanted to do "string" for preschool. So we cut some pieces of string, dipped them in glue, and arranged them on the paper. He wasn't so sure about getting glue on his fingers, but after I gave him a napkin to use between applications, he was quite happy.


  1. Mo is the same way about getting sticky stuff on his hands. It's so funny because he has no problem spending hours digging in the dirt and making mud. Boys are funny that way.

  2. How funny about Red Chief not liking the glue - Amelie is the same with food - if she gets it on her fingers when she's eating she holds her hand up with a pained expression of 'yuk!!' until it is wiped clean! The only exception is yoghurt, she seems to find that fantastic and will happily wipe her hands, face and hair with it if Mummy isn't fast enough to catch her!! Red Chief sounds like a real little darling!

  3. Looks like fun.

  4. That sounds like fun. Monkey would absolutely be the same about the glue. He doesn't like to be messy at all. But a napkin would help. You must have better napkins than we do: I think ours would fall apart with the sticky glue.

    But in spite of the mess, we may have to try this out.

    Oh - and gluing tip: put some glue in a soda bottle lid and give him a cheap paintbrush to paint his glue with. Then he doesn't have to get so messy. I just heard that tip the other day.