It's National Punctuation Day! While I think it's silly how many made-up holidays there are nowadays, the grammar nerd in me is pleased.

I think for preschool this afternoon we'll read Eats, Shoots, and Leaves and bake punctuation-shaped cookies. Red Chief already knows what a comma is, so today is the day to branch out into some of the more exciting punctuation marks.

How do you feel about grammar and punctuation?


  1. I was not properly taught grammar. So, I am by far the worst ever. But I would love to become better. I see myself learning the basics while I homeschool.

    I think that is a excellent idea for preschool. You should show pictures of the baking turn out.

  2. Oh rats, I wish I'd known! I had no idea there was actually a day for that, and punctuation shaped cookies sound like fun... of course, I could always make 'em anyday ~ but how neat, to have a day specifically dedicated to punctuation... I'm rather fond of the ellipsis myself... and misuse it, no doubt. :-P

  3. Exciting, punctuation marks?
    Exciting pucntuation marks!

    (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

  4. I am a HUGE fan of the Oxford comma. :)

  5. I am very picky about my grammar. Commas go after FANBOYS, and Oxford commas are essential. I'm still working on those prepositions though...