Letter B

Here's our preschool plan for letter B:
Things seem to be working! As we were working on our lowercase B, Red Chief made the connection between the sound and the words and told me a word that started with B (the word was "bottom"—can you tell we're potty training?).


  1. I am so proud of you doing this with Red Chief. You are a amazing mama and a I enjoy reading when you blog. I love the ideas.

  2. I think these are fabulous ideas! I wish I was able to do more like this with Mo. I just do not have the temper for it right now. At least he is learning through his online games and with his sister reading to him (2 birds with 1 stone there, she gets her homework done, he learns something).

    Maybe I will make time on the weekend for him and I to do something like this. He'd love the Mommy time.

  3. Love the cool ideas! I am teaching a co-op class this year with letters -- I need to have them do up some letters like that. They would really like it!