Another week without groceries

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I haven't had a week without groceries in quite awhile, but here we go again. Between Mr. Mordecai working late quite a bit the past week and me being chicken about taking two kids to the grocery store, it's been a week since I was supposed to go to the grocery store—making that three weeks since I was there last.

Tips I've used to get through this week:
  • Cook pantry meals. I'm so glad I've started a list of meals that I can make with things I typically keep around the house.
  • Use the garden. We have tomatoes from our garden coming out our ears. They make a great side when there's no fresh fruit to be found in the house. You can also do lots of things with them—pie, stew, BLTs, you name it!
  • Look at past menus. I noticed a few meals that I planned in the last month or so that I never ended up making. I had most of the ingredients for these, so with a little improvisation, they worked out just fine.
  • Make a freezer inventory. The first time I did a week without groceries, I ended up having to clean out the pantry so I knew what I had. Same goes for the freezer. I'd been meaning to clean it out and use it up anyway, so this was a great chance to do it.


  1. I am doing this as well. I really don't think you need to go to the grocery store for several months, actually. Between your wheat grinder and your garden, I think you're good. Do you have something in walking distance in case you need something in a pinch? We have a dollar general and a little convenience store that's privately own.
    I'm going to attempt to make bread out of pancake mix. It might taste sweeter.

  2. I am going through something similar, albeit just as a means of cleaning out the freezer and pantry and making sure I use things up before they are too past their prime. Summer is a nice time to do this as the garden provides the fresh produce I want!

  3. I always run out of fresh things far before I need to go to the store for anything else. I wish we had enough sun for a garden. Thanks for your comment on my blog - it's nice to be back. :)

  4. After a couple years of living like this, it's been really nice to work on stocking up my pantry again this month. We know that we can be eating from the pantry at any time, since my husband gets paid only when he has a sale.

    I'm also putting in my fall garden this week, to keep us with fresh things throughout the winter.