A walk

Our last walk:
  • Put Tiger Lily in stroller. Tiger Lily doesn't like stroller.
  • Red Chief rides on tricycle. Still working on steering and thoroughly overexcited by helmet.
  • Red Chief stops for sprinklers. Every. Single. Sprinkler. That would be about every ten feet.
  • Tiger Lily still doesn't like stroller.
  • Around the block in half an hour. I come inside and collapse on the couch.

Today's walk:
  • Put Tiger Lily in baby carrier. Tiger Lily smiles.
  • Put Red Chief in stroller.
  • Walk to park. Red Chief plays.
  • I sit down. Tiger Lily fusses. I pace.
  • I realize Red Chief is wearing underwear (day 2). I panic: no potties nearby!
  • Red Chief is still dry. Tiger Lily is still happy.
  • I bribe Red Chief with snacks to get into the stroller.
  • We head home. No crying. Dry pants. I am happy.

It feels so good to have had a walk today. I want to make an effort to get out more often. I think I will alternate the two types of walks. I prefer the second sort, but I do think it would be good for Red Chief to get more practice on his tricycle even if it does try my patience.


  1. I think alternating sounds like a great idea! He gets his practice some days, you get a little bit more sanity on others.

    Mo likes to take his tricycle but always gets tired halfway. Kaia is doing better about learning to ride her bike the whole way around our loop. Unfortunately the boys are going to arrive just in time for the air too cold to go out much.

  2. Mrs. M. You make me smile! I think you are a 'with it' mom. I remember well the days of 'big boy/girl' pants...I'm so very glad all 6 of my kids are potty trained! (I'm sure at their age they are too! lol)♥ BTW I love Tigaer Lily's name!

  3. That does sound lovely that your walk went much better this time around! We are also at that potty training stage, so I would panic a bit as well if I went out to discover my oldest was in undies.

  4. Love the pictures and the way you word your post. I cannot help but smile.

  5. I rarely let my son ride his tricycle on our walks unless daddy is coming too. Like you, it tries my patience and is easier with a second adult to help him along. And now it is time to start teaching my daughter to ride one and think about putting my son on a bike.