Two minutes

Image courtesy magazineart.org

I'm having to get the work done in little bits lately, a few minutes here and there when Red Chief is occupied and the baby is sleeping.

Did you know that it takes only two minutes to empty the dishwasher?

How many things do I put off because I think they'll take too long? A lot, probably. I'm going to watch for procrastination in the next few days and see how many little tasks I can polish off.


  1. I'm the same way...

  2. I do the same thing quite often. Although I suspect that before Tiger Lily was born it took longer than 2 minutes. Right now the bending down to get things and then reaching up to put them away is very difficult. But I know if I take about 8-10 minutes in the morning I can quickly unload and reload the dishwasher.

    I have so much to do before the boys come, that I need to take my mornings where I have energy and get all those little things done.

  3. 2 minutes huh! Humm. Well I know for sure when you are racing a sleeping baby, lots can get done in a zip..... But Did you know, when you're 51 it can take days to unload the dishwasher? Prue truth. ;-D ♥

  4. I'm the worst at procrastination. Of course you're right, it's amazing how little time it takes to do the odds and ends that I let pile up. I'm hoping to get back into the flylady routine of things in the near future. She's a firm believer in 15 minutes at a time. (flylady.net)

  5. I once read this very good book. And suggest that when you are trying to revamp your cleaning/project plans that you take a week to time yourself on the things you do. Like the floors, dishes, and laundry loads. This is suppose to make us perfectionist/procrastinators see how little time it really takes to do those daily little things and bigger projects really take. I did this with a few things. I was surprised how little time it took me to clean my bathrooms.

  6. you will be suprised when you get down to it how many things you can do in short periods of time