Red Chief tells a story

Once upon a time
there was garlic
and the man made some
and there was duckies

Once upon a time
there was some trees
and some green duckies

Dear Lettuce,
Well hey!
The garlic was very spicy

Once upon a time
there was a man
and he builded a tree

Once upon a time
there was a giant
and there was another giant
and they looked for another giant
but they were all gone and they chased them


As Red Chief was "helping" me cook this morning, he picked up a cookbook, and this is what he read to me. I immediately abandoned my baked beans for a paper and pencil, and this is what I managed to write down.

Imagination is miraculous.


  1. How precious! You've got quite a little storyteller there. It's great that you capture those moments - so many people don't.

  2. I'm glad you abandoned your beans...stories like these need to "published"! ....and enjoyed! :-D