Recently tried recipes

Image courtesy magazineart.org

  • Melon boats. Not surprisingly, these were very popular with Red Chief!
  • Baked beans. The recipe isn't really clear, but you soak and cook the beans, then add them to the slow cooker with the rest of ingredients—but not the water! These tasted great and are a good, basic recipe that can be made from food storage. I'm always looking for more good bean recipes, so if you have any, please share!
  • Corn dog dressing bake. Again, a big hit with Red Chief (what toddler wouldn't eat "hot dog bread"?) This went well with the baked beans. I really changed it around, though, making the cornbread from scratch and just pouring the batter over the hot dogs. Maybe I'll post my version sometime soon.
  • Chocolate chiffon cake. Very good, nice texture, and it came out of the pan with no problem. I didn't make the frosting.
  • Spinach and cheese strata. This is the best way I've found so far to use up large quantities of icky bread—you know, the heels that no one wants to eat, or the loaf in which a small child has excavated a crater (ahem). I just used cheddar cheese.


  1. mmmm! the chocolate chiffon cake sounds very good!!!

  2. I love the heels of the bread! It is my favorite! And no loaf is complete with out a tunnel! LOL Just enjoy and write it all down so that you can read it when they are gone from home!