Recently tried recipes

  • Strawberry curd. Hmm. This was fun to make and definitely worth a try, but lemon is just better. It tasted good if not terribly exciting, but the color was quite off-putting. It looked kind of like greyish strawberry yogurt.
  • Golden yellow cake. I'm happy to add this recipe to my collection. It's really just as easy as a cake mix. I think I'll use less sugar next time, though.
  • Sugar cookie bars. Yum! Make sure you have plans for sharing them or you'll eat them all. I love sugar cookies but don't often have time and energy for all the rolling out and cutting, so these are perfect.
  • Green bean and lentil soup with sun-dried tomatoes and thyme. Wow, this is good! I'm adding it to my collection. I used a whole onion instead of the leek and added some garlic and crushed red pepper.

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  1. I envy your abilities, but someday I will be there. ;0)