No answers

Mr. Mordecai and I like to joke around that Google knows everything—and for the most part, it satisfies our cravings for information, like what an ombudsman is and whether the guy who voices Gaston in Beauty and the Beast is an opera singer.

But this morning, it's failing me. Where is Red Chief's toy pig? Where is his beloved blue flashlight? Will my head explode if I watch the same three scenes of Cinderella fifty times again this afternoon with Red Chief?

Google doesn't know.


  1. ha ha ha thank you for the laugh. I often feel the same way about the videos. wish Google could help me out too.

  2. I still don't know how I survived most of my life without the internet. I kept wanting to look things up while on vacation, and was unable to. About drove me crazy. And I like to think of myself as more independent than that.