I decided I wasn't doing much with the garden this year, with Baby coming at the height of the season. Red Chief and I planted some peas in the spring, and he now wants to plant every vegetable on his dinner plate.

After the peas, we put in four tomato, three pepper, and two parsley plants. I purchased an early variety of tomatoes after my last year's experience with green tomatoes, and so far we've harvested six, with many, many more green ones waiting for us on the vines.

As I checked this morning for ripe tomatoes, I noticed that our garden has slugs, weeds, and toadstools. The dead pea vines are still there and the peppers have completely disappeared under the tomatoes.

Our garden isn't perfect, but I'm pleased to have gotten anything out of it, since I don't think I've spent more than an hour on it all year. Added bonus: Red Chief will eat any vegetables that he helped plant.


  1. Eating what your little one plants is smart parenting:)

  2. I have spent almost zero time in my yard and garden this year. It is sad but just too uncomfortable for me right now. Things have looked better but I am not stressing about it. I am also glad I did not plant much because we have had a crazy mild summer and I don't know how things would have turned out. My late summer/hot weather flowers are not blooming at all this year.

  3. Great work with Baby arriving during gardening time! I worked my tail off planting (and had a bout of spotting due to it) only to have 90% of my tomatoe plants die. The 3 that have produced tomatoes, produced little bitty things that look terrible. Also all of the acorn squash and pumpkins died. I think it was our weird weather. We didn't warm up, we went from cold to hot. That and my surgery on the boys definitely did not help.

    I am happy that my jalapenos, bell peppers and cucumbers are all doing well. They are in pots up at the front of the house. So the biggest worry they have is Mo and his cousin ripping off leaves or breaking a portion off.