The story of my laundry

  1. Wednesday: Strip and remake all the beds and change all the towels. Do three loads of laundry.
  2. Thursday: Do two more loads. (Notice I haven't said anything about putting any away yet.) Drag two loads upstairs and rummage through them until I find what I need to pack for our trip.
  3. Friday: Skip town.
  4. Monday: Back in town. Too tired for laundry.
  5. Tuesday: Do two more loads. Drag all the clean laundry to the living room to fold it. Fold about half a load. Baby decides to be fussy. Calm her down. Fall asleep on the couch. Red Chief has upended all the laundry baskets and is dancing in my laundry (folded things included). Put laundry back in baskets the last thing before bed.
  6. Wednesday: Try again. Fold a few things. Baby is hungry. Feed baby and accidentally knock over pile of nicely folded baby blankets. Red Chief upends laundry again. Get baby to sleep and let Red Chief play on the computer. Resist urge to lay down on couch. Start folding laundry and put it away in shifts in case I am interrupted again. Actually finish.



  1. At least you got it put away eventually! I have about 8 loads that need sorted, folded and put away. A bunch are big blankets, but I just haven't had the energy.

  2. I can relate...oh how I can relate. :) It makes me laugh, at least at the moment. Sometimes while in the midst of our little man destroying my neatly folded piles laughing is the last thing on my mind. The joys.

  3. That sounds like my laundry this week, and I don't even have kids! Dang it...