Red Chief-isms

  • "What's that sound, Mommy? That's the sound of [Red Chief] being naughty."
  • "What color is a squirrel's teeth, Mommy?"
  • "Her shirt fall off." (Directed at a young lady who was showing a bit of skin.)
  • "Like to put Baby in the oven?"
  • "My name is Mr. Cheesy!"


  1. I love number 1.. hehehe

    My daughter Louisa has a Sunday school student from an extremely, *extremely* conservative family. Once when Louisa bent over the children's table she inadvertently showed a smidge of cleavage... the little girl very primly said, "Your shirt is falling off. I can see your b@@bies." oh. my. gracious.

    KIds say the darndest things;)

  2. I love the sound of kids being naughty!!! Too cute.

    Mo likes to announce grandly each time he toots or burps lately. And you will hear about it quite loudly until you acknowledge this bodily function. Gotta love kids!

  3. I love hearing the little things that teeny weenies come out with! Amelie is currently doing lots of babbling but not too many recognisable words yet - we have all that fun ahead!! Prayers to you all, Fiona