Recently tried recipes

  • Chocolate chip cookies. These look beautiful and the texture is perfect, but they are too sweet! Eating just one gives me a headache.
  • Chiffon cake. I used the recipe from America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook. It tastes really good with strawberries on top, and the texture is the closest I've found to those little strawberry shortcake cups that I ate when I was little.
  • Jambalaya. I've finally found a jambalaya recipe that we love! I do alter it a bit according to what we have on hand, but this is definitely worth a try.
  • Sausage stuffed bell peppers. I altered this recipe so much that I don't want to give a review, but it ended up being a good starting point for the ingredients I have on hand.
  • Lime honeydew sorbet. I made this with the water option, and no lime zest or food coloring, and it was really good! I'll be making it again.
  • Pan pizza. This doesn't taste exactly like Pizza Hut pizza as it claims, but it's still a good recipe (with judicious reduction of the quantity of oil), and it's fun to make pizza in a different size pan than usual.


  1. We love Jambalaya at our home! My recipe is altered from an Emeril Lagasse recipe and even simpler. I cut up some onion, some green pepper and saute it with spicy sausage. Then I add a cup of rice and saute for another minute or so. Then 2 cups of water, salt, pepper, a bay leaf and some cayenne. I'd like to add the tomatoes but then hubby wouldn't touch it.

    Thanks for the reviews, that's the hardest part of trying new recipes. Not knowing whether it will turn out or if you are going to waste precious food.

  2. Thanks! Some of these look great!