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Here are some search terms through which people have recently found this blog:
  • what if my baby isn't cute
  • hard water makes wet laundry stink
  • arizona, 39th ave, boba milk tea
  • asian chicken salad mormon blog
  • best hair trimmer for scared baby
  • cook dry beens in slow cooker (I like beens too)
  • cut babys ear with scissors
  • do you gease silicons mufin pans (if I had any gease or silicons mufin pans, I probably would)
  • don't have chicken broth need beef broth and have nothing
  • famous boy scout quotes (I'm sorry to everyone who looks for inspirational scouting quotes and comes across this or this)
  • getting jello clear
  • how old can a baby cut his hair (you'll never find out if you don't let him get into the scissors)
  • humble hungry happy
  • i cut off my baby hairs in the front of my head
  • keyboard games for yoddlers (my yoddler really likes keyboard games, too)
  • mayonnaise dressing for ham cake (I think I'll pass on that one, thanks)
  • my stir fry sauce is clumpy
  • public domain cooking beans (I think public domain beans tend to be a bit stale)
  • sewing boy hair
  • turnip and grape loaf (if you find a recipe, please don't make me eat any)
  • worms, dry beans


  1. Those are too funny! I wrote one post called "Night time Prayers" and now people find that post by googling night time prayers. Also I get people googling "Deals at Kroger" a lot. Nothing too hilarious, though.

  2. Hahaha. So good; thanks for giving me my laugh for the day!

  3. Some of those are incredibly random. You just can't make that stuff up. :)

  4. cute! I love looking at my google analytics to see these search keywords

  5. Ironically, I found your blog by looking for scouting quotes a few months ago, but thought they were perfect! So no worries. :)