Make your own disinfectant wipes

I love disposable disinfectant wipes for cleaning toilets: they're so convenient and require so little effort to use. I like to have a container sitting on the back of each toilet for quick wipe-ups. But they cost so much!

I remembered reading about making baby wipes some time ago and thought I could do the same with disinfectant wipes. Here's what to do:
  • First, find a container. I'm just using the empty container from my old wipes.
  • Second, take a roll of paper towels (preferably very strong ones--they may seem expensive compared to the cheap brands, but they will work better and still cost so much less than wipes). You're going to have to cut it to size for the container you have--probably in half. I would recommend a very sharp bread knife, or an electric one if you have it. My bread knife worked beautifully in conjunction with a bit of ripping. Remove the cardboard tube from the middle of the paper towels.
  • Third, make up some disinfectant solution. I would recommend one part disinfectant cleaner to three parts water, and add a few drops of dish soap if you like.
  • Pour the cleaner into the container with the paper towels and let it saturate them.
That's all! Pull up the wipes from the middle and enjoy . . . er, well, go clean something.


  1. Great idea! I try to use cloth in lieu of disposable as much as possible, but I admit the convenience and better hygiene of the disposable ones is a huge draw for me. Making my own seems like a nice compromise☺

  2. If you pour the solution on and let it soak a while, the inner cardboard tube comes out VERY easily. (At least that is what I do for my baby wipes.)

    I may just try this recipe. I think it might make chores a little easier for my boys!


  3. I like this idea! Like @Persuaded, we've been making the transition to cloth. We don't have kids yet so it's been working out ok. I will keep this in mind when we have little ones - thanks!

  4. This is a great idea!! I was thinking about this post this morning. Why *hasn't* anyone else thought of this? The idea is all over the place for baby wipes. Perhaps because people like to talk so much about babies being expensive, but not so much about cleaning being expensive? I love cleaning wipes, too. I always have coupons for them, so no guilt about the cost. But, I'll try this with some pine sol I got with a great coupon.

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