A cake monkey

While we were visiting our families over Independence Day weekend, we celebrated Red Chief's birthday a bit early. My sister, who is becoming very talented at cake-making, made him this fabulous monkey cake, complete with banana cupcakes decorated with Runts. Since Red Chief's obsession of the moment is Curious George, we had this conversation:

"What kind of cake is it?"
"Monkey cake."
"Which monkey is it?" (Thinking he'd mention George)
"A cake monkey."


  1. I just adore his facial expression in that top picture♥

    and is he holding one of those wind-up flashlights? My mother gave my son a wind-up flashlight when he was about Red Chief's age and it has been the best gift ever! He still has it, it still works and he uses the thing almost every day! It's now my default gift for little boys☺

  2. It is a wind-up flashlight. Red Chief loves any variety of flashlight, and demands to play with them as soon as we get to grandparents' houses.

  3. HA! That's AMAZING! I want a cake monkey ...

  4. Love the Monkey Cake the the cute cupcake accessories! Fun fun!!


  5. Very sweet.

  6. This is such a cute idea, and so simple. My kids are older now, but I am bookmarking this for "some day" when the grandkids come along.