We made it

Red Chief, Baby, and I made it through day one alone together. Nothing went terribly wrong, and I even got a nap. Of course, things always go well when all you have to do for dinner is put a pre-made casserole from the freezer into the oven, and it doesn't matter that the laundry isn't done because Mr. Mordecai takes care of it when he gets home. Thanks.


  1. I'm glad your day went well! I was thinking of you now and again through the afternoon. Here's to lots more nice days with naps!

  2. A good nap makes any day possible...
    and casseroles can be the "food of the gods"!
    Pax Christi

  3. Life was pretty easy for me in those beginning days, too. I think you expect catastrophe, so even if things are a little rough, it still seems easy

  4. Glad it went well. The first couple months, off and on were hard for me with 2. It always helped if I got a nap in! And it does help to have a simple dinner. We have had a lot of crock pot dinners in the last few months!