Red Chief in 2006

Baby in 2009

Red Chief and Baby both had jaundice. Because of our blood types, all our children are quite likely to develop it after birth, but luckily, it's easily treatable with phototherapy. Red Chief loves the pictures of him and his sister under the blue lights.

As soon as my little sister heard that Baby was under the lights, she sent an email demanding some "alien pictures."

Baby is doing well, and is on a portable light blanket here at home.


  1. It definitely makes for an interesting photo! I didn't know that some blood types would be more susceptible to jaundice. Glad it's easy to treat.

  2. Cute alien pictures of Baby! (and Red Chief too!)

  3. My son had really bad jaundice but they never put him under the lights. He looks so orange in his new born pictures!

  4. My nickname is Punkin (pumpkin) because I was orange when I was born too. Feel free to adopt it for the little one if you still need a nom de plume.

  5. My eldest was nicknamed "peaches" because she was the color of a canned peach at birth...
    She just needed more fluid than I was producing...we supplemented for two days...until the "milk truck" pulled in and I was able to feed her right out of her jaundice!
    They never did photo therapy for her...
    cute "alien" pictures!

  6. All 3 of my kids have also had the severe bili levels caused by Rh/blood type issues. Nothing but lights for a week would help!

    Hang in there. I know how hard it is not to be able to hold your new baby for hours upon hours!