First day

Today is my first day at home without help. My mom was so great while she was here: she took care of Red Chief and all the work and gave me a chance to rest. After she left, Mr. Mordecai took mornings off and then went to work in the afternoon while Red Chief was napping. But now it's been almost two weeks, and I feel ready to try things by myself.

Meanwhile, I've been enjoying reading, holding my baby, and spending time with Red Chief. He needs lots of mommy time just now. I'm also enjoying doing a bit of housework again. I know that Mr. Mordecai will take care of things, but it makes me feel better to do what I can.

Baby's jaundice has cleared up, her "black thing" (as Red Chief calls her umbilical cord stump) has fallen out, and she's over ten pounds now. I'm trying to get pictures of her in the cute outfits everyone gave her before she grows out of them--she's pretty close on some.


I'll leave you with a few Red Chief quotes about Baby.

"Baby makes baby sounds."
"The black thing doesn't make any noise."
"She's teeny."
"Baby did some bless-yous." (sneezes)


  1. I wish I was closer, I would so be there to help.

  2. Ohhhhh! I would love to have another one! You are so blessed! Enjoy your time with them while they are little... they grow up so fast!

  3. oh she is *precious* ...sigh....

    i'll be thinking of you and praying for you especially today, dear♥

  4. What a cute cute picture of baby!!

  5. She is adorable!
    Ironically, I will probably have the most help after my third baby is born than I did with my first two. My husband didn't have much PTO with the other two and we either lived far away from family or my mom was in the middle of a move herself. This time my husband will be able to take a whole week off and then my mom will come and stay another week. It'll be nice.
    Seeing your pictures makes me more eager for my baby to come. :-)

  6. She is just so cute! I love the romper.

    Kaia definitely needed more mommy time when Mo came. 1 thing I did was feed Mo and then leave him with hubby while I took Kaia to the park for an hour. She loved being out of the house and playing with just me, and I enjoyed the fresh air and time to relax and watch her play.