Red Chief lately

  • Likes to help Daddy shave.
  • Broke his beloved pretzel jar.
  • Colored with permanent marker on and in the fruit bowl, the new pretzel jar, some cereal bowls, and a Pinewood Derby car belonging to one of our Cub Scouts. A green scratchy sponge took the marker right off everything but the car.
  • Broke the sugar bowl lid. Which lives on the top shelf of a top kitchen cupboard, by the way.
  • Told me, "People have big noses." I finally figured out that he was talking about part of one of his favorite books, You Are Special.
  • Requisitions the tape measure from my obstetrician every time we go for an appointment.
  • Tells me that "buggies have six legs," "spiders have eight legs," "birdies eat buggies," and "some buggies fly and some buggies go on the ground." Despite all of this extraordinary knowledge, he's frightened of bugs to the point that he won't go outside alone anymore. (We do have quite a crop of spiders in our backyard.)


  1. What fun! I love all of it, although I'm sure the permanent marker and broken items weren't fun for you. Mo has been quite the character lately, and the other day I composed a list like this in my head, but it's all gone now... Gotta love pregnancy brain!

  2. my goodness he is getting so *big!* i remember waaay back when i first discovered your blog. he was such a baby... and now he's going to be a big brother! you are doing a good job with this one, mama;)

  3. Of course it came off of everything but the item that wasn't actually yours! :)