Odd cravings

Food cravings during pregnancy are common. My favorite joke about this is on one of the first few pages of Arthur's Baby. The family is eating ice cream, and there are pickles in the mom's dish.

The oddest thing has been happening to me lately, though--I want to read fairy tales. Not novelized retellings, but the real originals. I'm having a hard time concentrating on the types of books I usually read, but fairy tales really hit the spot right now. So for the next little while, Grimm's Fairy Tales will be waiting by my bedside.


  1. Wow, Neat craving!
    I've been reading rediculous things...
    Hunchback & Wuthering Heights...
    both somewhat yuck...but interesting.
    I like the original Grimm Fairy Tales...

  2. i was embarrassed to discover recently that i had never actually read jane eyre *gulp* so i am now reading it, and enjoying it very much i must say. as for grimm's fairy tales, the real things can be quite ..er... gruesome. i was shocked to discover that the first time i actually read the real thing, lol.

  3. Have you ever read Christina Rossetti's poem Goblin Market? It's a favorite of mine. I was read it as a child and I can still recite the lush descriptions of the fruits. There is a fair amount of other stuff going on a la Grimm - prostitution, rape, sex - but also, I think, a lovely tale of temptation, fall by fruit, and salvation through another's body.